Google Pay Customer Care Number ! Is any Problem

Google Pay Customer care number | If You are looking for Google pay tool free number than today I will give you trick I which you contract.

It’s seems that nobody app in this field due to popularity of this app.

It seems that there is no app in the UPI sector with Google Pay. But due to network error in the online transaction or server down, many obstacles are also makes.

Google pay customer care number

Like sending money on the money cut from the account and not reaching the recipient. Therefore, in this post, today you will know how you can talk to a Google official in Minto, and get information about the error of your transaction.

Google Pay Customer Care Number India

When Google Pay was known as Google Fast, there was a Toll Free Number, but since Google Fast has been named Google, Google offers Call Back option.

You can talk to Google Customer Care at Minto by filling out a form for LiveChat and Call Back.

I’m telling you with a screenshot below Step by Step, you should look at each step carefully.

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How To Find Google Pay Customer Care phone

  • Step – 1 First of all, open the Google Pay app –
Google number Step1
  • Step – 2 Now click on the three dot points on the right –

Step-3 After clicking on the dot, click on the Setting option now –

Google Number Step3

After clicking Step – 4 Setting, scroll down and click on the Help & FeedBack option

Google Number Step4

Step – 5 Scroll down, you will see a contact button by clicking on it –

Google Number Step5

Step – 6 Now you can click on Call and fill out the information you asked about >> Send Card. You will receive a call at the number given shortly.


Hopefully the information you wanted is found, you can make a comment for more information, you can call and talk like this.

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